Nutrition Education

Our Nutrition Education Program is designed to help individuals in addiction recovery live a truly healthy life.

Nutrition Prevention Education

Malnutrition can cause the body and mind to malfunction. It is as much a disease as addiction itself.

When the body lacks the nutrients needed to properly function, the brain can lose its ability to make rational decisions/thoughts.

This can cause an individual to have a chemical imbalance which can lead to one abusing substances as a coping method.

Nutrition & Recovery Education

Drug and alcohol abuse leads to a depletion of vitamins, minerals, and hydration from the body.

Substance abuse can even cause hormonal imbalance and improper metabolic function within your system.  

What you eat can impact your recovery journey.

Vitamins and minerals are key to helping reduce cravings and replenish the body of the nutrients needed to successfully recover.

Substance Abuse Treatment, Nutrition Education and Mental Health Services

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Classes Available

Classes are for adults 18 yrs and older

The Good, The Bad
& The Healthy

  • Learn about healthy eating habits.
  • This class discusses eating a balanced meal, the importance of sleep and how our diets impact our daily lives.
  • Eat healthy without needing hours of prep time.
  • The purpose of this course is to teach healthy eating habits that work with your schedule.

& Minerals Class

  • This class goes into depth about the many benefits of vitamins and minerals.
  • Students will learn which vitamins and minerals are most effective in improving overall health.
  • This class provides further insight into how to use vitamins and minerals to cure common ailments and conditions.
  • This class provides everything you need to know about vitamins and minerals.

Nutritious Cooking

  • This class is full of exciting and nutritional cooking information.
  • No matter the budget, everyone can cook healthy nutritious meals.
  • If you are new to nutritious cooking, this is the course for you!!

Grocery Shopping with
Nutrition in Mind

  • Get information and tips on how to grocery shop on a budget w/ nutrition in mind.
  • Eating and shopping healthy does not have to be expensive.
  • This course provides information on how you and your family can eat healthy and nutritious without spending a fortune.
  • This course also discusses some common misconceptions of food in the grocery store.

Eating & Cooking for
Long-term Recovery

  • This course is specifically for those in recovery.
  • Individuals will learn what foods help reduce cravings, withdrawals and maintaining sobriety.
  • This course discusses how foods impact the addictive mind and how nutrition can improve overall health for recovering addicts.
  • Are you experiencing some residual withdrawals or long-term symptoms caused by your addiction?
  • This course provides remedies and solutions.

** Classes/groups can be provided a la carte or bundled. Email for prices and calendar. Large group discounts available. Online sessions/videos are available.

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